GD graphics library for Win32




This is a very quick port I made because I'd used libgd in a web application server framework example on Linux/Apache, and wanted to provide the same example on Windows/IIS5. Itís very easy to build on Linux, but I couldnít find a Windows DLL build on the web.


It does what I wanted, but I can't guarantee that it all works. If you get unsatisfied externals, check the header and source files for missing instances of "GD_API" - if that's not there, they won't have got exported.


As configured, this builds only to work with PNG files. If you want JPG add a define for HAVE_LIBJPG, and rebuild.


Also note that the .dsp file is currently configured for Multithreaded DLL. If you need another configuration you'll have to fiddle with the properties, and select the correct run-time library for the linker.


Without the directives in libgd.h:


#pragma warning (disable : 4018)

#pragma warning (disable : 4244)

#pragma warning (disable : 4761)


The compile has lots of warnings.


This file set includes some 3rd party header files:







These are necessary to compile. You'll also need the corresponding export libraries:



(libjpeg.lib if you want to define HAVE_LIBJPG)



These need to be somewhere where the linker can find them. If you get fresh versions of these, freshen the header files above from the same source.


Good luck.


Steve Teale 7/24/03